About us

Who we are

A passion for designing, a desire for innovating and a vision for empowering lower class woman is what brought the creation of “Tillah Gota”, a clothing brand. 
Operating on a lower-scale for the past several years, we have decided to wider our horizon by entering in the apparel industry focusing on chikankari as our primary product and adda work, ready-to-wear kurtis and scarves as our secondary products. 

What matters to us

It’s you who matters to us the most. Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. We try and make sure to reflect innovation in catering to an immediate need. Furthermore, we try our best to provide an overwhelming shopping experience for you. So head over to our shop and enjoy the experience.

How we do it

Our mission to provide you with an exemplary standard of shopping experience in terms of quality, price-value and state of the art designs go side by side with our vision to empower lower-class woman. Our team, compromising of 97% woman make sure to provide you with high quality apparels and execute state of the art designs provided to them.